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Scuba may refer to.: Scuba set, the equipment used for scuba self-contained underwater breathing apparatus diving. Scuba, an in-memory database developed by Facebook. Submillimetre Common-User Bolometer Array, either of two instruments used on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. Scuba P-Model album.
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After speaking with a few of them and listening to their passion, I'm' intrigued. Like a seal, they're' gracefully sexy in the water in a way that nerdy gear laden scuba divers aren't. Freediving also has carry over benefits to scuba.
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SCUBA" was originally an acronym, but the term scuba is currently used to refer to the apparatus or the practice of diving using the apparatus, either alone as a common noun, or as an adjective in scuba set and scuba diving respectively.
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Buying Your First Scuba Diving Wetsuit. A good wetsuit can make the difference between a great dive and calling a dive because of cold. Here are some tips on buying your first scuba diving wetsuit. Scuba Diving in Lake Tahoe.
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The skills required for routine diving operations, including working as part of the diving team, planning of diving operations, and diving in open water, exposed to the normal hazards of the diving environment, decompression procedures, serving as attendant to another diver, communications and the safe use of the tools appropriate to the work.

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